Available settings

Here’s a full list of available settings, in alphabetical order, and their default values.


Default: 'puppeteer-pdf'

The name of the puppeteer-pdf binary.

If there are no path components, this app will look for the binary using the default OS paths.


Default: {'encoding': 'utf8', 'quiet': True}

A dictionary of command-line arguments to pass to the puppeteer-pdf binary. Keys are the name of the flag and values are arguments for the flag.

To pass a simple flag, for example: puppeteer-pdf --landscape:

PUPPETEER_PDF_CMD_OPTIONS = {'landscape': True}

To pass a flag with an argument, for example: wkhtmltopdf --marginTop '100px':

PUPPETEER_PDF_CMD_OPTIONS = {'marginTop': '100px'}


Default: same as settings.DEBUG

A boolean that turns on/off debug mode.